Project Manager for Affiliates, Influencers and Ecommerce

Simple, Organized, Uncomplicated Project Management

So many project managers are complex and inefficient. We've believe project management should be easy to manage.

Your projects are critical elements of your business. Keep your team on track with the powerful and flexible Market Toolkit online project management tool. You can manage all of your projects with one tool. Your team can log in to see which tasks and time frames belong to them. You can track the progress and manage over due tasks effectively.

Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Entities, and Time Frames

The Toolkit project manager allows you to track the following project elements:

  • Projects - Your project managers can set up as many projects as they need. They can effectively organize and assign projects to clients and other entities as needed.
  • Milestones - Milestones are a grouping of a set of tasks within a project. You can break your project up into key milestones to benchmark your progress.
  • Tasks - Assign tasks to roles within your organization. Set the time frames and description so actors within a project can have clearly defined objectives from task to task.
  • Entities - Manage clients and companies who 'own' each project.
  • Time Frames - Track time frames and time lines to keep your projects on time.

Users and Roles

Project tasks are assigned to roles within the system. Users are also assigned to roles. That way, if a user leaves, a new one can be assigned to the role and he/she will have access to all of the appropriate tasks without a major effort to update all tasks. Roles are simple to set up and users are easy to add to roles as needed. When roles are built, the account manager can lock down access to project management functionality.

Calculating ROI

An effective project management tool will save your organization dozens or hundreds of hours over the life of a project. The very affordable pricing on the Market Toolkit means you only have to save a few hours per month before you are operating with a positive ROI.