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Build Your Affiliate or Influencer Business With My Market Toolkit

Affiliates and influencers are used to hosting a blog, using a separate email tool, connecting to a separate CRM tool, hosting assets on another platform...what a mess!!

My Market Toolkit is an all-in-one online platform for affiliates and influencers. It seamlessly includes website building tools and CMS, email broadcast, CRM, social media syndication, and file management. 

Affiliate Sites = Passive Income

Explore two affiliate sites with passive income. Each has a different reach, content approach, audience. Look for the following elements all possible with My Market Toolkit:

  • CMS - fully custom drag/drop web design
  • Ecom - product catalog
  • Form Builder - subscription and email collection
  • CRM - audience capture
  • EMS - email broadcast
  • PM - project management

Broad: GUYTrendz

Top Gifts and Products for Men

Product Catalog | Product Lists | Product Reviews

  • Target Audience: 50% Men, 50% Women
  • Offer: Gifts for men
  • Reach: Large appeal to shoppers for men
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Niche: Emergency Prep Gear

Survival Gear & Emergency Kits

Authority Site | Product Research | Product Catalog

  • Target Audience: Preppers and Pre Emergency
  • Offer: Survival Gear, Emergency Kits and Checklists
  • Reach: Narrow, Niche
Explore Emergency Prep Gear

My Market Toolkit

Easy Drag/Drop Design | Flexible DRY Includes | Dynamic Cross-Content Modules | Social Syndication

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Drag/Drop Designer

Amazon Cloud

Insightful Reporting

Role-based Access

Business Development Tools

Website Builder

The My Market Toolkit online content management system (CMS) is a powerful website management tool. It allows you to deploy the right web solutions and optimize your business conversion.

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The Market Toolkit ecommerce solution is very flexible and effective at helping you convert sales. The web tools allow for nearly any design and the shopping cart is common to many other industry leaders. 

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Direct Email 

The Market Toolkit email broadcast tool consists of an easy to use wizard that helps you manage your campaigns, lists, digital assets (i.e. images), and other aspects of email blasts.

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Find Customers

Drive Revenue

Save Time

Track Production

Business Management Tools

Contact Manager

The CRM module is a central tool in the Market Toolkit. Nearly all other tools integrate with it. It allows you to track leads, follow up with ecommerce customers, drive sales, and interact with other business connections.

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Project Manager

Keep your team on track with the powerful and flexible Market Toolkit online project management tool. You can manage all of your projects with one tool. 

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File Manager

Centralized digital file storage is a key practice to securing, sharing, and protecting your business information. Upload your business files to the cloud and benefit from redundancy, up time, and file access from any computer via secure login.

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Manage Customers

Manage Tasks

Store/Share Files