Email Broadcast for Affiliates, Influencers and Ecommerce

Powerful Email Solutions for Marketing, Drip, and Triggered Activities

Whether it's prospecting, building repeat business, or transactional communication, direct email solutions can provide a very strong return on investment. The cost of one print ad could cost as much as a year's worth of email campaigns. Email can also drive much more business than print ads.

  • Manage your contacts
  • Set up your campaigns
  • Deploy professional, high-results email
  • Track results

Layout and Design

The layout and design of an email can greatly affect the success of the campaign. A well executed, professional campaign can drive significant business and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Email design standards are different than web site design standards. Optimal web site designs use CSS styles and are very flexible. Email is inherently more restricted and rigid because of the limited nature of email clients (software used to view emails). It is key to make sure your email designs are executed appropriately.

Flexible Formats

Every email client (the software used for reading emails) has its own technical specifications. As such they don't all display email the same. Some only allow text with no images or formatting. We allow each campaign to be sent in the 2 most common formats:

  • HTML - HTML is the most common formatting language. Designers should be aware that current web design standards don't apply to email. Email design requires older standards, typically table-based and with restricted CSS styles.
  • Plain Text - Some email clients require text only communications. These messages can only show the text on the keyboard with no color, images, or styling.

Multi-Purpose Email Tools

Direct Marketing Broadcasts

Email marketing is a very cost effective way to grow your business and drive repeat business. You can send regular offers, newsletter information, and other communications to engage your audience and drive business.

An effective marketing broadcast is often sent to a list of opt-in contacts who welcome your offer or communication. It is well designed and engaging.

Drip Email Activities

A drip campaign is related to regular communications you send to your audience. You may have certain anniversaries where certain one-off emails are sent to a contact. You may have renewal emails sent to subscribers.

Drip campaigns are managed in as email templates and are tied to contacts.

Triggered Email

A triggered email is based on some system activity. For example, a new subscriber or ecommerce purchase may trigger log in information or send an invoice. Other system emails can be sent automatically as instructed.

Return on Investment

When compared to other marketing media, email is very affordable. When executed correctly, the conversion rates can be very high. It's not uncommon for a professional services team to see anywhere from 400-4,000% ROI. That means that for every dollar our clients spend on email, they make $4-40 in return. How do you pass up an investment like that?