What Is My Market Toolkit?

My Market Toolkit is online marketing and business conversion software for small to medium-sized businesses.

My Market Toolkit is an online platform that offers marketing and business conversion software as a service (SaaS) for small to medium-sized businesses. The platform helps you drive revenue and business as well as manage its operations. My Market Toolkit software services are supported by affordable professional services provided by experienced implementations teams.

For Small and Medium Business

My Market ToolkitWe understand the costs of doing business. We understand every resource counts. The My Market Toolkit platform is designed for easy implementation so you can focus on your business while we focus on your marketing and conversion technology as well as your business management tools.

The tools are role based so anyone in your business can be granted rights to manage or work on the modules. Your whole organization can be involved in driving business and managing operations.

Huge Benefits

  • Make Money
    Drive business using our marketing and conversion tools. Capture leads, sell products, sell ad space, sell subscriptions, etc.
  • Save Money
    Lower business costs by subscribing to budget-friendly online tools and resources.
  • Save Time
    Deploy online tools with low integration requirements and quick setup times.
  • Maximize Your ROI
    Capitalize on your financial resources by investing in effective, high-return activities.

For Marketing Companies and Design Firms

The My Market Toolkit platform is also designed for enterprise solutions. Marketing companies and design firms are able to leverage the platform to quickly deploy marketing and conversion solutions for their clients. Web sites and email campaigns can be launched within a very short period of time. We offer a subscription specifically for groups who cater to many clients.

It’s easy to get started!

My Market Toolkit is a web-based service, so you can use it from any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, or Solaris) with no complicated installation or upgrading worries. Just log into your My Market Toolkit account to start.

Get started fast—for less—with powerful SaaS technology

Save time, money, and hassles with My Market Toolkit applications. They're delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) over the web, so they're easy to access from anywhere in the world. You'll realize fast ROI because you can:

  • Get started quickly, with no large upfront investment.
  • Count on enterprise-grade security, reliability, and performance.
  • Leave maintenance and upgrades to us so you can focus on your business.

My Market Toolkit technology at a glance - Count on easy, secure, cost-effective business technology

There's no hardware to buy or manage, and no software to install or upgrade. Your subscription includes a low, predictable, monthly fee. Explore the difference flexible, affordable technology can make in your business.

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