Website Tools (CMS) - Pricing and Options

Feature Overview

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Unlimited Sites
Object-Oriented Templates
Cloud Hosting
CRM Integration
Form Builder
Survey Builder
Content Delivery Network
Elastic Auto Scale
File Redundance
Daily File Backup
Flexible Plans
Ecommerce Integration
Free Email Support
Much More...  

Account creation takes less than five minutes. Once your account is created, you have open access to the website features.

CMS Pricing

Affordable monthly pricing is based on the number of pages (including blog posts) and amount of storage and bandwidth you use.

Monthly Access


Standard monthly rate includes:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Up to 1000 pages or posts across all sites
  • 15 GB cloud storage
  • 15 GB bandwidth
  • Automatic file backup
  • More...

Flexible Cloud Resource Plans

While most websites won't exceed the standard resource allocation for hosting and storage, you may increase resources incrementally for additional $35 per month.

Other robust, flexible hosting plans are available and affordable. If you require more storage or bandwidth or dedicated resources please contact us and we'll set it up. We can apply our hosting solution based on your needs.

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