Website Tools (CMS) - Online Surveys

Lead Capture

Online Surveys can be very helpful in improving your customer service efforts. You can also learn more about your audience so you can deploy marketing campaigns with better results.

Online Survey Builder

The Market Toolkit survey builder is very flexible and easy to use. You don't need to know any HTML for the forms and pages to work properly.

Simply add your questions, assign them to the right survey page, and deploy. When a survey is completed, it is saved to a contacts CRM record and an email is sent to you for immediate response as needed.

Reports are available to understand generally how your recipients respond.

Deploying a Survey

In many cases we recommend sending an email or presenting an ad opportunity on your website inviting your audience to complete a survey about some specific topic. Typically the response rates are best when the survey is short (2-3 questions) and clearly asked. Respondents reply on whatever fields you set up in the survey setup phase. You may provide open fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.

Simply set up a site and deploy your survey or deploy a survey to your existing site.