Website Tools (CMS) - Lead Capture Forms

Lead Capture

Many professions live and die by the number and quality of client leads. The Market Toolkit form builder is built to help you drive business. Our lead capture system helps you design websites with powerful offers to attract visitors and capture their contact information with flexible lead forms.

Form Builder

The Toolkit form builder allows you to design your own web forms and apply them to your website template or page. The form builder is very easy to use and allows you to use the common form fields. The fields are tied to the CRM tool for seamless integration.

Once a visitor submits their information, the data is sent to you automatically via email and system messaging so you are able to follow up immediately. It is simple and effective.

Form spammers are twarted by our captcha system. Setting up captcha is a one step process.

Driving Leads

Online audiences will engage when they feel the value they are receiving outways the time and effort it takes to submit their information to you. It is key for them to trust your brand as well. present to them a professional web presence with an offer they will appreciate.

Offers to consider presenting:

  • Free Special Reports - Many audiences appreciate industry news, stats, how-to, or other relevant information. Take some time and deliver a report worthy of request.
  • Products or Services - Free or discounted products and services can be very enticing. Give out something valueable enough to justify sharing contact information.
  • Trial Subscriptions - Many buyers appreciate "try before you buy" opportunities. Allow them a trial so they know it is right for them.
  • Training Sessions - Many people will sign up for trainings and other sessions. Once the training occurs, follow up with the lead to see what they thought and whether they need your services or product.

When your audience shares contact information, be responsive and deliver what they expect. Be professional and the lead is likely to convert into valueable business.

The Market Toolkit form builder is easy to use and implement into your website. You can collect whatever information you need and manage it in the CRM and directly via instant email.