Website Tools (CMS) - Formats, Layouts, and Themes

The powerful Market Toolkit CMS allows you to deploy nearly any website format and presentation. The Toolkit CMS allows you to manage hundreds or thousands of web pages, products, users, files, and other web resources.

Common Web Formats

  • Web Brochures - Deploy a 5-10 page website introducing your product, services, property or other business.
  • Information Websites - Website with dozens to hundreds of informational pages. Often includes ads from networks like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Blogs - Chronological posts of topics, news, updates, and events.
  • Landing Pages - Single conversion page for products or services. Often used in pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Lead Generation - Contact forms on any site format. May be on every page or on a single contact page.
  • Ecommerce - Web presence designed to sell products and services directly online.
  • Booking Engines - Web tool that allows visitors to book hotel rooms, restaurant tables, meeting rooms, and other resources.
  • Online Communities - Web presence that attracts users to join a community and compose and share content.
  • Business Portals - Online tool designed to help your organization operate more effectively. May include ecommerce, data collection, data distribution, and more.
  • More - You can deploy nearly any format you can imagine.

Get Creative

Your web team can deploy your web presentation with any of thousands of templates, themes, and layouts found on the net. Our professional services team can also help you design and launch your project. Please contact us to get started.