Project Management Tools - Features and Functionality

Project setup is a quick activity. It can take minutes to set up the project and beginning added tasks as needed. You will be able to manage your project activities and resources effectively.

Feature Overview

Unlimited Projects
Unlimited User Access
Role-based Security
Manage Projects
Manage Entities (Companies)
Manage Milestones and Tasks
Upload Files
Integrates with Process Manager
Tracks Time Frames
Manage Resources
WYSIWYG Description Area

Project Management Objectives

  • Be affordable
  • Be easy for anyone to use
  • Allow for any number of users
  • Allow for any number of projects and tasks
  • Be role-based
  • Provide a glimse to users of all assigned tasks

Technical Descriptions

Entity Manager

In the CRM set up your client as a company or a contact. Add name, contact information and other relevant details.

Project Manager

Define the following for a project:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Status
  • Entity

Milestone Manager

Define the following for a milestone:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Project Assignment
  • Status

Task Manager

Define the following for tasks:

  • Task Name
  • Priority
  • Assignment
    • Entity
    • Project
    • Milestone
  • Resources
    • Role Assignment
    • Estimated Hours
    • Actual Hours
    • Billable Status
  • Status and Dates
    • Complete Status
    • Due Date
    • Completed Date (set at time of completion)
  • Task Description

All Tasks View

View tasks from all projects in the Manage Tasks view. Tasks change in color based on the the due date

  • Green - due date is out at least 3 days
  • Yellow - due date is within 3 days
  • Red - task is over due
  • Gray - task is complete or cancelled

Process Management Tool Integration

The project management tool is integrated with the process management tool. If you have access to both tools a merged view allows you to see all relevant tasks at one time. Users are able to see all of the activities assigned to them.

Next Steps

  1. Create your account
  2. Add a project
  3. Add tasks