Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also called Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is a very effective method of drawing immediate leads and sales. a PPC campaign can be executed within hours, driving a large amount of traffic to high-conversion web tools for immediate business.

How SEM Works

Set aside a budget for immediate website conversions. It is invested into search engine ads or other ad distribution services. Our SEM management team will do in-depth analysis using proprietary tools to determine which keywords will bring the largest ROI for your products and services. We build ads on major search engines and deploy them for the chosen keywords. Targeted searchers find your ad and click on it, driving them to your conversion presence, which may be a shopping cart, lead form, or other conversion mechanism.

The Science

Our SEM/PPC team uses common industry tools as well as proprietary analysis and management tools to maximize the ROI on a campaign. We are able to determine your "search engine land scape", keyword competition, geo-local factors, and industry factors to ensure we target the right audience and drive high-conversion traffic to your web tools.

SEM/PPC Services

Your customers are searching for you right now. Let them come to you.

From creative ad copy, to optimal placement within sponsored results, we work closely with you to develop the right message that drives targeted traffic to your site. The best part? Your ads appear at the precise moment customers are ready to purchase your services and products.

Your Managed SEM Campaign Includes:

  • Ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Other Search Engines
  • Account Creation, Campaign Configuration, Ad Copy
  • A/B Ad Testing and Evaluation
  • Keyword & Industry Analysis
  • Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Comprehensive Reporting on All Aspects of Campaign
  • Weekly / Monthly Communication to Discuss Campaign Performance
  • Google Analytics Install

SEM and PPC Pricing

We charge an affordable flat monthly fee to manage your campaign. Beyond that fee, the budget you spend is dedicated to ad placement on the major search engines. The results happen quickly and you'll know it's working. It's quite exciting to see immediate sales and conversions for your business.

Use a Professional SEM Team

The Vauntium professional services team is experienced at managing the SEM/PPC process. We'll choose the right keywords, design your ads, manage your budget, and select other key options to help you maximize your ROI on your spend. We'll help you drive immediate business today!