Direct Marketing: Email Services

Direct Marketing: Email

Email marketing can produce one of the highest ROIs. Newsletters, specials and offers, and other corporate communications can attract an audience to take some sort of action or pursue additional information.

Our professional services team offers the following services:

Email Message Composition

Our team will work with you to compose your email message. We'll target your audience and ensure that it is not prone to SPAM filters.

Email Design

Our team will work with you to design your email so it matches your web site and other corporate assets and brands.

Email Broadcasts

Our team will work with you to create contact lists and broadcast your message with an email blast.

Email PURL Integration

Our team will help you personalize your email message and integrate your email message into your web site message.

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My Market Toolkit Email Module



*Note: My Market Toolkit is not a SPAM generation platform. We only allow businesses who send emails to opt-in contacts to use the module. We will disable the email module for any organization who sends SPAM messages.