Creative and Design

Creative and Design

You Get Less than 3 Seconds to Attract Your Audience

Typically, your target audience invests only seconds in an advertisement or marketing piece - unless that piece captures their attention. A campaign's creative element is critical to its success. In other words, the creative solution used for a campaign will often make it or break it.

Art AND Science

While creative solutions do require a strong artistic component, science must be applied to choose the right look and feel, the right message, and the right media for delivery. Our team consists of conversion experts. We understand what elements to deploy to convert your audience from visitors into sales.

Data and Technology

creative servicesIn some cases you may have existing data to help with these decisions. In cases where no preexisting data exist, there are methods like Multi-Variant Testing (MVT) that help a campaign become fine tuned over time. There are other processes whereby statistics may be gathered on an audience before the campaign occurs to understand what engages them and causes them to take action.

The My Market Toolkit professional services team is dedicated to target engagement. Our creative team is very artistic but also understands how to design around audience preferences, lifestyles, and trends.

Expert Designers

Our team consists of award winning artists and designers. Our creative is purposeful and drives business conversions. We've deployed hundreds of high-ROI campaigns in the following media:

  • Websites
    (Lead Generation, Ecommerce, Landing Pages, Online Brochures, etc.)
  • Email broadcasts
    (Conversion Blasts, Product Sales, Newsletters, Event Notices, Transactional Notices, etc.)
  • Print
    (Brochures, Direct Marketing Mailers, Magazines, Newpaper)
  • Brand Recognition
    (Logos, Envelops, Letterhead, Business Cards)
  • Convention Booths and Signage
  • More...

You'll find that we're not just an art team. Our designers want to help you drive business and achieve your objective. Please contact the My Market Toolkit professional services team for more information.