Process Management Tools - Managing Processes

Effective Process Management

Your process management tool should be easy to use and straight forward. It should allow you to track your process, steps, time frames, and client entities.


Take the guesswork out of processes. Set them up so they are organized and easy to follow for your implementations team. Make descriptions clear and objective.


The step manager allows you to be very specific when assigning items to do for your team. Steps may be assigned to roles and include attributes like due dates, expected time, actual time, priority, etc. The Market Toolkit online process management tool is very effective in helping you deploy on time.

Time Frames

Times frames are based on due dates set in each step. You can get a feeling for how long a process will take when steps are assigned and the dates are calculated.

Proactive Process Management

The key to effective management is to stay on top of the details of the process. A process that grows out of date becomes cumbersome. Regular updates can keep a process on schedule and the process status clear for all of the users.