Process Management Tools - Example Process

Sometimes it's easy to see if a tool works for your situation if you can see an example. We'll give a simple illustration below.

Email Deployment Project

Consider the following activities:

  1. Set up the following roles
    • Project manager
    • Designer
    • Implementations
  2. Set up users
  3. Assign users to their roles
  4. Set up a new process "Holiday Marketing Campaign" (set as Forward or Reverse)
  5. Set up steps - add the following for each step
    • Step name
    • Description
    • Due interval
    • Dependencies
    • Reminder interval
    • Drop off interval
    • Status
    • Etc.
  6. Execute process (correct dates are calculated based on intervals and dependencies)
  7. Complete steps

Some of the high-level tasks for the example project may include:

  1. Meet with client about email objectives
  2. Create image mockup
  3. Get client by-off
  4. Apply mockup to HTML and text versions
  5. Set up email
  6. Apply lists
  7. Apply content
  8. Apply images
  9. Send proofs
  10. Get approval
  11. Deploy email
  12. Send reports

Our example here is simple and specific to one industry. This online software can be used for nearly any industry and for nearly any process with many users and participants.