Online Business Tools for Lead Generation

Captured Internet leads can be a tremendous source of revenue for a business. Real estate agents, insurance agents, lawyers, among other professionals can generate a significant number of high-conversion leads specific to their geographical location. Other types of businesses can generate either local or national sales with the right type of online tools.

Online Lead Gen Package

My Market Toolkit online business tools are designed to help you drive new business. The Lead Gen package includes key modules necessary to attract, convert, and track Internet leads. Standard modules in this package include:

Included Modules and Services

Direct Marketing Contact Management (CRM)
Content Management (CMS) Content Management (CMS)
Direct Marketing Lead Capture - Form Builder

Optional Modules and Services

Direct Marketing Creative and Design
Direct Marketing Copy Writing
Internet Marketing Internet Marketing


Customized Online Lead Gen Tools

My Market Toolkit packages can be customized to fit your needs. Contact us to modify the tools you have access to for lead generation. We can add or modify modules to help you improve your ROI.