Marketing Successes and Testimonials

Our clients love their project results! Most either ask us to do subsequent projects, refer us to someone else or both. Check out what they have to say in recent testimonials!


This has been quite a successful promotion for us already!!! We have sold over 302 rooms from this campaign.

Lisa C. | Senior Marketing Manager


We're pretty pumped! We turned on the ads to our landing page this weekend and have already seen a huge difference in conversion rates. Before we were seeing 0.4% conversion. Now we are seeing 4%. That means like $35-50 per lead instead of the $500 we were paying before. That's compelling! Can't wait to see how we can make it even better with multi-variant test, etc.

Mason T. | SEM/SEO Manager


Site looks great [name removed].  Thanks!

Nate B. | Principal


Thanks. Really nice work on the web banners.

David B. | Project Manager


I am extremely pleased with the site. Great job! 


Super, [name removed] -- thanks for the update. I appreciate it...

Our last web company was impossible to get ahold of. All I ask is that we can get in touch with you when it's time to make modifications...

I think the site is turning out great.

Margaret B. | Principal


WOW! What an excellent Open Rate - 43%, and a very good tracked/click thru rate. This is one of our best performing emails...

Lisa P. | Marketing Analyst/Partner


We are already receiving calls! :)

Paul | Director of Sales & Marketing


That is great! We are seeing great results from this! Gracias!

Gabriela | Marketing Manager


Brad - good morning:

Your conversion report is attached - almost 1,600 room nights and over $227K! We're able to tie these conversions directly to the blast.

Lisa | Marketing Analyst/Partner


Just thought you might like to know we’ve sold 57 tickets since the email went out this afternoon. Good stuff! Can't believe you turned this around in 48 hours for us. Can't believe we had such a great response from such a small send list.

Lauri | Director of Communications


Great news!  So far this offer to our past guests has generated 108 room nights Jun through Aug.  Yahoo!

Nicole H. | Director of Revenue Management


You guys are exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you for deploying our site. My buddy played with it for months but you were worth every dime! Thanks for the quick response.

Adam G. | Small Business Owner


We love our e-newsletter and landing page!  Corporate was so happy with the ROI. We have been asked who did the piece. [name removed], can I send them your contact information?

Annette D. | Vice President, Sales 


I'm so glad yoiu respond to me. My previous designer did a great job on my original site, but I could never get in contact with her after. So glad I moved over to you guys.

Elizabeth H. | Real Estate Agent 


I know it looks freakin awesome. I am really happy with the photo you found it has exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for the info. Do you have a total so I can make a deposit in my account what I still owe. Thanks again for your help and patience with me and my pickyness. 

Teresa J. | Ecommerce Business Owner


Re: CMS - Thank you so much...we've got so much going on it is hard to keep track of it all. My Market Toolkit has helped us keep it all straight.

Lisa P. | Project Manager


To whom it may concern:

I made the decision to evolve my company from a marketing automation technology company to a full-service direct marketing company in order to take advantage of the opportunities presented by several key clients.  As this was not a trivial undertaking I made the decision to partner with Vauntium (My Market Toolkit) so that I could immediately offer creative services (including web site design and hosting) as well as SEO/PPC services.  I initially contracted with Vauntium to re-design our web site and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.    

Based on the success of our web-site project we began offering creative design and strategy for e-mail and direct mail promotions to all of our clients including: [client list removed].  While I am a very satisfied partner of Vauntium, the real reference is based on repeat business from world-renowned properties such as [list removed], and others.  For these properties, image is one of their most important assets, and I am proud to say that Vauntium’s creative services have complemented our world-class database marketing system to everyone’s benefit and most importantly to the return on our client’s marketing campaign investments.

Mike S. | CEO 


Wow, what a quarter! This is our best Q1 ever. While we haven't grown our lists as much as we expected, our conversions and revenues are way higher than expected. We can directly tie the increase in revenue to our email and landing page activities.

Now that we have the systems in place, we're looking forward to even higher ROI as we grow our lists and drive business.

Thanks a ton for your help!

Denise F. | Director of Sales and Marketing


[Name removed], thank you for being so direct with me today. I get caught up in making things pretty and lose focus on the reason for a website in the first place is to drive business. Look forward to the homepage changes.

Dann L. | Small Business Owner


Love the design! We are getting a great response off of this piece. We need to cancel next month's email campaign because we have booked our rooms for the forseeable future. We'll pick up again in a couple of months. Congrats on the great success!

Barbara S. | Director of Sales and Marketing 


Wow! You actually called me back! I've left messages with nearly a dozen companies and you're the first to call me back.

Carl T. | Marketing Consultant


The website and evites have generated a huge return. I think we've spent $5,000 for these campaigns but saw direct revenue of around $120,000. That's a 24x return!

Bryan L. | Director of Sales and Marketing  


We can build other websites with this CMS tool, right? This thing is straight forward and I can see us deploying other projects through it...

Tim S. | Mid-sized Business Owner