High Conversion Postcards

High conversion postcards are designed to drive sales or some desired action from recipients. The typical recipient gives less than 3 seconds to the average direct marketing mail piece. A high conversion design and message is tailored to attract attention and drive recipients to a conversion mechanism.

Elements of an effective postcard:

  1. Compelling message
  2. Engaging design
  3. Conversion mechanism
  4. Targeted list of mailing addresses

Postcards are often the cheapest, most effective direct mail option. An effective design can drive considerable results.

The My Market Toolkit Web-to-Print tool is ideal for postcard delivery. You can design and deploy a high-conversion campaign to your target audience.

Creating an Effective Postcard:

  1. Create a Toolkit Web-to-Print account
  2. Choose a template
  3. Apply your message
  4. Apply contact list
  5. Send to printer