File Management Tools - User and Role Management

User management is a critical aspect of online file management on the cloud. It's key to grant the appropriate rights to the right users. The Market Toolkit online file management tool allows your team to be organized and efficient.


A role-based online software tool can allow you to lock down your files so only those who should have access will have access. You can set up your roles to have specific functionality so documents and other files are protected.


Users are simple to add to the system. You can set them up with a username and password and then assign them to a role for instant access to everything they need to get their job done.

Users are able to create, view, update, and remove files. A version history and notes may be kept for each file.


A role allows you to great a group of users who share a set of rights. For example, you may want some users to have access to everything in the file manager. You may have another group of users you want to just view files but not edit them. You can set up roles and the rights they should have and then add and remove users to quickly update their rights. You don't have to manage a user's rights, only the roles they belong to. It keeps your rights management more simplistic.