File Management Tools - Product Overview

Content Management

Manage Your Files on the Cloud

Centralized digital file storage is a key practice to securing, sharing, and protecting your business information. Upload your business files to the cloud and benefit from redundancy, up time, and file access from any computer via secure login.

Feature Overview

Add Unlimited Files
Multi-User Access
Role-based Security
Manage Case Files
Upload Files in Batch
File Versions Preserved
Store Nearly Any File Type
Cloud Storage
Rapid File Transfer
File Notes and Description

Overcome Common Problems

Most businesses with more than one active working resource have files to secure and share. Cloud document management helps you overcome some critical problems:

  • Redundancy
  • Multi-User Access
  • Security
  • Anywhere Access
  • Document Version History

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Users and Roles

When documents are added they can be assigned to users or roles. A role consists of a group of users who share system rights and access. Roles are simple to set up and users are easy to add to roles as needed. When roles are built, the account manager can lock down access to file management functionality.

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Example: Case Files

File management is key to securing, sharing, and backing up important case files. Here's an example of how your organization might deploy cloud file storage:


Calculating ROI

The ROI of file management is very easy to calculate. How much would it cost your organization if one of your computers with critical information crashed? Would you be able to operate? The very affordable pricing on the Market Toolkit means you are able to invest very little for a significant amount of storage capacity. The protection you will get is significant.

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