File Management Tools - Features and Functionality

File management can be a straight forward activity. It typically takes only minutes to add files and begin managing them as needed.

Feature Overview

Add Unlimited Files
Multi-User Access
Role-based Security
Manage Case Files
Upload Files in Batch
File Versions Preserved
Store Nearly Any File Type
Cloud Storage
Rapid File Transfer
File Notes and Description

Cloud File Management Objectives

  • Be affordable
  • Be easy for anyone to use
  • Allow for any number of users
  • Allow for any number of files
  • Be role-based
  • Provide a glimse to users of all assigned steps

Technical Descriptions

File Folders

Create a folder with a title and description. A folder may have an open or closed status to cater to professionals whose business is transactional.


Files may be uploaded one at a time or in batches. A historical version of each file is kept as newer versions are uploaded. Notes and descriptions may be added to each file.

Next Steps

  1. Create your account
  2. Add folders
  3. Add files