Email Marketing Solutions - SPAM Compliance

We can not and do not tolerate SPAM activities. Your business and our business are jeopardized when SPAM email is allowed. Some tips your email activities might be SPAM:

  • Your audience has not opted in to receive communication from your organization
  • You are prospecting with a purchased list
  • You are targeting the consumer market with any list you have not acquired with opt-in efforts
  • The list you are using is outdated or compiled from multiple sources
  • Your email offer is not legit
  • Others...

The most common SPAM complaints come from unsolicited, prospecting types of email. Transactional and regular communication with expecting recipients is rarely flagged.

Federal Guidelines

SPAM laws are outlined in the CAN-SPAM guidelines. They can be found at the FTC website:


Our email tools are tied to national SPAM notification systems. We know immediately when messages are flagged as SPAM messages. We employ an industry excepted internal threashold. If your email activities are beyond the threashold, we may take one of the following actions:

  • Send you a warning
  • Suspend your account indefinitely until we determine your audience and messages are acceptable
  • Cancel your account permanently

We are in the business of helping you drive business and don't desire to take any negative action. However, we may do so to protect the service we provide to others who comply with legal requirements.