Email Marketing Solutions - Features and Functionality

Deploy an email broadcast tool that is affordable, flexible, and powerful. You will be able to effectively manage your campaigns, lists, assets, and reports.

The Market Toolkit Email Broadcast Tool Objectives

  • Be Affordable
  • Be Step-by-step simple
  • Launch campaigns of any size
  • Accomodate a variety of purposes:
    • Marketing
    • Drip
    • Triggered
  • Easily manage lists
  • Easily manage images and assets
  • Employ checks and balances for accuracy

Technical Descriptions

Explore the technical descriptions of many of the Toolkit Email features and functionality:

Campaign Manager

Manage any number of email campaigns by allowing your marketing team to access the campaign manager. It is secured by role-based access. You may run 1 or many campaigns at a time.

List Manager

Manage contacts and lists for each campaign. You may import lists from the CRM tool or import them directly with the CSV import tool. Lists can be assigned to a campaign for sending, proofing, or suppression.

Feature Overview

Deployment Wizard
Marketing Broadcasts
Triggered Emails
Drip Emails
List Manager (CSV)
Unlimited User Access
Role-based Security
Store Unlimited Contacts
Integrates with CRM Tool
Variable Data Insertion
Real-Time Reporting
Proof Manager
Template Manager
3rd Party Integration
Daily Data Backup
Free Email Support

Image Manager

Images are uploaded in batches to save you time. They are stored on the cloud for rapid, high-durability download anywhere in the world. The campaign manager will automatically detect whether or now images are needed and allow you to upload them. You may replace images until the time of deployment.

Open Tracking

Email opens are tracked automatically as your audience opens individual emails. The stats are provided once the campaign is executed.

Link Tracking

Click through rates are tracked and provided in the reporting section. A link verification event occurs during the campaign creation to make sure links are not broken or incorrect.

Proof and Approval Process

Once a campaign is built, it must be sent to a proof list before it can be deployed to ensure the campaign requesters sign off on the final product before the audience receives it. Once approved, the campaign may be deployed.

Detailed Reports

Reporting statistics include hard numbers, percentages, and individual contact activities. Report categories are:

  • Sent
  • Bounced
    • of sent
  • Received
    • of sent
  • Opened
    • of sent
    • of received
  • Tracked
    • of sent
    • of received
    • of opened
  • Opted Out
    • of sent
    • of received
    • of opened
    • of tracked

Your website conversion pages can track additional stats to determine the final ROI.

Next Steps

  1. Create your account
  2. Add lists
  3. Build a campaign
  4. Send proofs
  5. Send campaign