Email Marketing Solutions - Email Layouts and Designs

Email layout and design is inherently different than website design. It has to be more simple, physically narrow, and designed for email clients (software used for viewing email).

Common Email Layouts

  • Sales and Conversion Offers - Deploy emails driving your audience to ecommerce websites, landing pages, referral forms, web surveys, or other conversion mechanisms.
  • Newsletters - Keep your audience informed by sending regular newsletters outlining:
    • News happenings
    • Events
    • Schedules
    • Offers
    • Programs
    • Introductions
    • Etc.
  • Notifications - Send notices to your audience to make them aware of the end of a subscription period, send reminders about events, let them know about organization changes, or down time.
  • Confirmations - Send invoices, sign up confirmations, and other forms of transaction confirmations.
  • More - You can deploy nearly any format you can imagine.

A Few Quick Tips

  • Keep email widths under 640 pixels wide
  • Use layouts that resemble your website and other marketing materials
  • Use simple HTML and minimize the CSS styles
  • Avoid SPAM phrases and practices
  • Collect current email addresses and other contact information from your customer base as often as possible

Get Creative

Well designed email campaigns with a specific purpose drive the best results. Get creative and deploy campaigns with a strong presence so they stand out from all of the other email noise.

Your marketing team can deploy your email campaigns effectively and with significant results. 

Our professional services team can also help you design and launch your project. Please contact us to engage.