Email Marketing Solutions - Deployment Guide

The email process is very straight forward. We've broken it down into small steps with helpful tips along the way.

  1. Design Campaign - You may design an email a number of ways:
    • Use one of the Toolkit templates
    • Use an HTML editor (like Dream Weaver)
    • Engage with our professional services team.
  2. Set Up Campaign - Add key details like:
    • Subject line
    • From name
    • From email
    • Reply to name
    • Reply to email
    • Bounces email.
  3. Select Lists - Select lists for:
    • Send
    • Proofs
    • Suppression
  4. Apply Content - Add multi-format content:
    • HTML
    • Text
  5. Upload Images - Upload images to email
  6. Verify Links - Verify that all links are valid for reporting purposes
  7. Distribute Proofs - Send emails to a proof list to verify delivery and layout
  8. Get Approval - Give final approval indicating the email proof is as intended
  9. Deploy Campaign - Submit email to deployment queue to blast away official send
  10. Review Reports - Watch reports in real time:
    • Online reports
    • Export reports (CSV/Excel)