Ecommerce Solutions - Formats and Layouts

The Market Toolkit is a very flexible web design platform. It allows you to deploy template-based, theme websites so your pages all look cohesive and professional. You may have as many templates as you wish and manage them efficiently with modules and blocks.

Ecommerce Formats

A number of ecommerce formats are very successful. Some are better suited for browsing and shopping, while others are focused on a limited number of products:

  • Online Catalog - An online store consists of a number of products. They may be related or unique. Some catalog sites categorize a large number of products to help their audience drill down. Some provide many options and expect a customer will find something among all of the options.
  • Landing Page - Some products or services don't require much by way of description and options. You can set up one landing page that has all of the necessary information to make a purchase. The details, billing information and check out are all part of a very simple purchase process. There are no distractions. There is one goal - provide key details, instill trust, convert the sale.
  • Featured Product - A key product site emphasizes only a few (maybe one) key product. It may have some options and assessories but it is the feature. The goal is to sell the product and upsell/cross sell components or options. There are very few distractions and the site is all about the sale from the beginning.

There are other formats and layouts. The Market Toolkit ecommerce platform allows you to deploy the format that works best for your product offering.