Ecommerce Solutions - Features and Functionality

The right ecommerce package can generate a lot of sales. It can attract search engines, drive conversions, and leave your customer with a rewarding experience.

The Market Toolkit Ecommerce tool is designed for flexibility and simplicity. It is built to work with template websites so design and function can guide a buyer to a purchase decision.

Feature Overview

Unlimited Products
Role Based
Simple Products
Grouped Products
Product Categories
Flexible Design
Sales Tax Management
Shipping Method Management
Location Management
Order Management
Customer Management
Sales Reports
Merchant Account Integration

Features Include

Product Management - Product management is designed to help you keep your products straight. You may have few or many products. In either case, you can set them up and keep them easily managed.

  • Product Attributes - A product attribute is a feature or description item of a product. Examples: "Size", "Color", "Height", "Width". You can list each of the options for an attribute for selection in a product. Example: Color - "White", "Black", "Blue", "Red".
  • Attribute Sets - An attribute set is a collection of attributes that may pertain to a product or set of products. Example: "Jewelry Attributes" and "Shirt Attributes" have different attributes. You can group the attributes together for easy selection when managing products.
  • Simple Products - A simple product is created for every SKU. Example: "ABC123 - Large White T-Shirt".
  • Grouped Products - A grouped product is a collection of simple products. Example "T-Shirts".
  • Product Categories - A product category is a grouping of products. Example: "Shirts". Set up as many categories as you need.

Ecommerce Settings - Your ecommerce settings allow you to establish the guidelines for your product purchases.

  • Ecommerce Settings - Includes merchant account settings, default image sizes, etc.
  • Credit Card Management - Allows you to select which credit card types are presented as options to your buyers.
  • State Taxes and Rates- Allows you to select which states to collect sales tax for and how much to charge. Default tax rates are prepopulated with the option to modify them.
  • Shipping Methods - Set up available shipping methods.

Order Management - You may manage orders as they are created. If you are subscribed to the Market Toolkit Point of Sale system, you can place orders directly.

Customer Management - Customers are automatically added to your CRM account. You can access their information to see what order history they may have.