Ecommerce Solutions - Effective Ecommerce

There are many ways to generate a sale online. However, some principles have been proven to drive the most sales possible.

Ecommerce Design

A trustworthy, compelling ecommerce website must have a professional appearance. Its design should instill confidence, expertise, and product value.

Sites should present the following:

  • Recognizable brand
  • Adequate product details - sufficient to make a purchasing decision
  • Well designed layout
  • Simple information flow
  • Product Value - Competitive pricing and options
  • Customer service information
  • More...

Shopping Cart Guidelines

A shopping cart should be as simple as possible to navigate through with little to no distractions. When a buyer has selected products and is at the point of sale, don't provide options for them to reconsider. Help them complete their transaction.

Website Promotion

The best store in the world can't make a sale if no one knows about it. Part of creating a successful ecommerce website is knowing how to promote it in search engines, related sites, and other sales channels. The goal is to drive as many qualified visitors to the site as possible to maximize transaction activity. You'll want to make sure your ecommerce team understands website promotion.

Conversion Rates

Understanding conversion rates is key to determining what is working versus what needs improvement. Some stats to track:

  • How many visitors visited your site?
  • How many viewed a product? which products?
  • How many added a product to a shopping cart?
  • How many completed the transaction?
  • How many are repeat customers?
  • Others...

Customer Service

Many websites sell more products simply because their customer service is reliable and friendly. Your customer service presence is key to driving sales. Ensure you have a customer service channel set up and a CRM tool to track incidents.