Direct Email to Landing Page

One of the most effective methods of direct marketing is to send direct email campaigns to lists of contacts opted in to receive marketing communications to drive them to do some activity (i.e. purchase a product or provide more information). Some broadcasts can be sent to partner lists or other contacts to grow a marketing database of names. The key is to send a compelling email message that urges the recipient to visit a landing page and take action.

Elements of an email to landing page campaign:

  1. Compelling email message and design
  2. Compelling web landing page
  3. List of targeted email addresses

The key to achieve a successful conversion rate is to craft the right presentation and message and send it to the right list of contacts. The landing page should be designed for high conversion.

The My Market Toolkit Email and CMS tools are ideal for a conversion broadcast. You can set up your email, website, apply a conversion mechanism, and capture conversions.

Setting up an email to landing page campaign:

  1. Create a compelling email with a call-to-action
  2. Secure a targeted email list
  3. Create compelling landing web page with conversion mechanism (form or ecommerce tool)
  4. Deploy email