Contact Management (CRM) - List Management

There are 2 ways to organize contacts to be distributed to the email broadcast tool or any other marketing tool:

  1. CRM Lists
  2. Direct CSV Import

CRM Lists

The Market Toolkit CRM allows you to assign unlimited attributes to every contact. You can manage and segregate contacts and build lists with them.

The list manager is flexible and easy-to-use. You simply open the list builder tool, filter contacts based on the criteria you select, and build your list.

List criteria is stored for future use. At any time, you may rebuild a list based on at-the-moment data and send it to your deployment tool.

Direct CSV Import

A list may also be imported into a deployment tool like email broadcast with a comma-separated value (CSV) file. For example, an email may be deployed with a one-off list that does not belong to your CRM contacts by importing the file for one specific campaign.

List Deployment

Once lists are built in the CRM or imported, they are made available to email campaigns and other tools. Reports are made available as needed.