Contact Management (CRM) - Lead and Sales Management

The Market Toolkit CRM is effective for lead and sales management. Leads and ecommerce sales are captured online and contact information along with any other captured information is passed into the CRM record.


Leads can be captured on your website or other lead capture resource. The lead contact information can be automatically added to the CRM or imported.

When leads and sales are captured, data may be passed to the CRM creating a transaction history. When a customer interaction takes place, your organization representative can know what the customer has done.

Attributes and Notes - Creating attributes is simple. An attribute management tool allows you to define your attributes and you can tie contact fields to the attributes. Adding a note or history item is also simple. Any form field can be tied to the notes section. A date time stamp is added to each note.


Sales transations are captured in the CRM at the time of the event. They are listed with a date/time stamp for the appropriate contact. You can find a contact and drill down to the transaction details.


When a sale or lead is captured, it is listed on the Market Toolkit dashboard. Leads can be emailed to you immediately for rapid response.

The Market Toolkit is designed to help you drive business and manage contacts and transactions. Please create your account today.