Contact Management (CRM) - Efficient Contact Management

Effective database management for your contacts requires diligence - especially when you have programs in place to resell, upsell, or cross-sell your customer-base.

An organization who knows how to market to existing customers, clients, guests, and other contacts can typically gleam higher margins that an organization that strictly focuses on new business.

Valueable Data

Keeping a database current, relevant, and scrubbed can be a challenge but can bring significant returns. Key services and tools can help you ensure databases are relevant. You may enhance your database with:

  • USPS address verification system
  • NCOA service

The Market Toolkit allows you to enhance and update your data. You can import updates or make the changes manually.

Unlimited User Access

You can allow anyone from your organization to access your CRM account. They can add, modify, read, or delete contacts if they have rights. You can add as many users as needed.

Role-based Security

Module access rights are granted to users based on the role they're in. You may set up as many roles as you need to provide your users with the right access.

Crucial Contact Management

Many organizations are so busy managing operations that they don't manage their customer database effectively. Some have data that is years out of data. Marketing efforts and customer service efforts are heavily impacted. Marketing costs are high, revenues are harder to generate and the overall ROI of maintaining a database is altogether too low.

Organizations that deploy a well executed data strategy can reap significant benefits, including a much higher margin.