Contact Management (CRM) - Data Management

Effective data management requires a strategy or plan. It also requires some diligence. Whether your organization consists of one professional or hundreds of employees, it will benefit from relevant, current data.

Lead Management

As new contacts are added to the CRM, it is critical to be very responsive. A representative or sales person should initiate contact with the goal to convert the business.

Data from leads ages very quickly. The Toolkit CRM notifies you of leads and allows you to quickly drill down into the source and other pertinent data.

Sales Management

Ecommerce and point of sale purchases are linked to the CRM record. The data is typically accurate and can be very helpful for followup and customer service.

Marketing Efforts

A very key reason to manage your data is to drive more business. It is commonly accepted that it costs much less to keep a client or customer than to find a new one. Maintaining your database and using it for direct marketing and new efforts can keep your offering in front of prospective buyers so they are thinking of you when they are ready to purchase.

Customer Service

Whether you initiate a communication or a contact reaches out to you, it is critical to have the appropriate data so you may respond and interact correctly.

The Toolkit CRM has the functions you need to efficiently manage your data and business efforts.