Ad Publishing Website

An ad publishing and distribution website is a website that offers content or functionality for web visitors and offers ad space to vendors or uses ad distribution services like Google Adsense or Yahoo Ad Publishing. Some websites generate tens or hundreds of thousands of page views per month and turn drive that traffic to advertisement conversions. It's possible to make a significant income from an ad distribution site.

Elements of an ad publishing website:

  1. Valuable content or functionality
  2. High-conversion page design
  3. CMS tool for page management
  4. Ad manager - these vary in ease of implementation and payout
  5. Bank account
  6. SEO or SEM program to drive traffic

Most websites draw a majority of their traffic from search engines. Most ad management tools are designed to serve up the best possible ads so conversions might be maximized. The key is to publish content or build tools that search engines and visitors find useful and relevant and then present it correctly so it attracts user clickthrough.

The My Market Toolkit CMS tool is ideal for content delivery and ad distribution. You can set up your website, add content, and easily apply ad modules.

Setting up an ad distribution website:

  1. Sign up for a Toolkit CMS account
  2. Create a website
  3. Apply design template
  4. Compose content or add applications
  5. Set up account with Google, Bing, Yahoo, or some other ad manager
  6. Apply scripts to template
  7. Promote website